Masks may be mandatory but we make them luxurious!

Finally, a mask that’s a pleasure to wear: Silk Charmeuse. Why silk charmeuse? Because it's:

• Gentle to the skin and hypoallergenic.
• Breathable.
• Rich in skin-pampering amino acids.
• Temperature sensitive, so delightfully warm in winter and cool in summer.
• Equipped with soft adjustable ear bands and a delicate nose wire.

We design and handcraft our exclusive one-of-a-kind accessories here in the USA. You’ll also find all of our fabric items amenable to hand-washing safe at home.



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Catherine Conlin :: Concepts in Art & Design

We do design, custom design and can take on about any creative task. Our concept is simple, exceptional materials, innovative composition, thinking outside the vase. Although currently located in Bloomington, Indiana, Catherine Conlin created a large warehouse studio in San Francisco for over 14 years. Her ideas are inspired by art, world travel, materials, beauty, seasons, gem stones, people and nature. To learn more about the enterprises of Catherine Conlin the designer, visit her other site www.cconlinphoto.com and prepare to be overwhelmed with her voracious capacity for creation. We do demonstrations, online and in person classes, tutorials, you name it. We also design events and floralscapes for a very selected number of fascinating events.  Inquire personally at cconlinphoto dot ....you know the rest.

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