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Shout out to our intern, Paxton Anderson in winning first place in the IIDA Indiana Chapter 2020-2021 Student Interior Design Competition!! The competition was held at the state level, and consisted of participants all across Indiana. The-Maskini is fortunate to have Paxton as our intern this past year (she found us through our parent company CATHERINE CONLIN : : CONCEPTS IN ART & DESIGN which has an interior design division.) We haven't had many interior projects this year so we've been focusing on other design projects and Paxton has been a blessing in helping build and modulate our brand into something in sync with our own bliss...fashion & design.

When Paxton first contacted me about interning, I was so impressed with her bio and website that I had to respond, sadly saying that I didn't have any current interior projects but I had to let her know that she was amazing and if she wanted to meet up, I would gladly do so.

A little digressing, the reason I haven't had many design projects is that I left San Francisco in 2014 after 25+ years and spent the better part of the past 4 years remodeling two of my own homes before selling both and settling into our dream home on a cliff overlooking two creeks in Bloomington, Indiana which needed absolutely no work. I was taking a bit of a breather until Covid (no pun intended) set in and I jumped into action making masks and sending the for free to anyone who wanted one. That's how The-Maskini was born.

But this isn't about The-Maskini, this is truly about how living in harmony with your inner visions and dreams can bring immense wealth that cannot be measured by your bank account. Wealth begins with a dream. Wealth is believing in that dream and working hard to bring that dream into fruition. Wealth is being surrounded with people you love and care about, and Paxton has all those qualities. When she shows up every week, she arrives with a smile on her face, beaming and willing to jump right into any project necessary, even if that project is digging through piles of paper and fabrics and merely sorting them out so this writer can stay somewhat above the fray.

You can see Paxton in many of the photos on our web site, but I'll feature some from yesterday's shoot featuring The Paxton Bracelet and Earrings along with some hand-knit items from Loren Woodward, our on-board hand-knitting wiz. Above Paxton is wearing the Boho Pocket Shawl and cable knit hat, both made of Alpaca and acrylic.

Paxton is currently fielding summer options for interior design work in Texas. She has one offer already, but is holding off on responding to make sure she secures the absolute best possible fit for her growth and passion, so if you know anyone who has an interior design position with a fast-moving, forward thinking business, Paxton is the one to align yourself with because she won't be on the market long.

Below is one of the many schematics of Paxton's IIDA award wining submission. It links to her website so you can see more of her work.

Paxton Earrings

Paxton Bracelet

Cable Knit Hat and Boho Pocket Shawl

To see more of Paxton's portfolio and website, click on the schematic drawing of her restaurant above or visit her website at: https://paxtonanderson.carbonmade.com/

Thanks, Paxton, for being such an amazing young woman and for contribution to the betterment of the design world. I adore you!

Catherine Conlin

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